Kamadhenu kshetra has been established with the blessings of Sri Guru Raghavendra to render at least on atom of Service to the society with the main aim of spreading the fragrance of assertive direction which enables the individual of self dependence and mutual help.

As already mentioned, the main aim of this ashram is to create awareness in the mind of people and to ignite in this minds the spark of spirituality (Sanathana Dharma) in a period of planned development and to inspire in them the traditional knowledge as well as good traditional conduct besides finding Solution In the field of social and economic development in a phased manner. To kind in their hearts admirable qualities like Co operation, Love and Affection, Discipline, Care, Understanding, Respect and Reverence and Extending the path of Sympathy to the needy whole heartedly. Besides imbibing the spirit of Ancient Culture and Dharma (Hindu Sanatana Dharma) which our vedanthic scriptures have from time immoral prescribed very high standards of qualities and character to be possessed by a person which help to reduce extra - ordinary dimensions to life and propagate the essence of human values.

Adoption of all these things require time and lot of efforts on the part of ashram and is definitely a gigantic task which involves the science of many service Volunteers, Devotees, and Likeminded People. As such the Ashram in its first step towards reaching the Goal of spreading spiritually has aimed at installing >Sri Raghavendra Swami Mruthika Brindavan and has already install 108 crores of “Sri Raghavendra" written books in the shape of Brindavan and is daily offering all kinds of poojas besides lighting of “Daily Ghee Deepa” (Nithya Grutha Deepa) by all the devotees to get the desire fulfilled early arrangement have been made for annasantarpane (Free feeding) to all the devotees who visit the ashram on Thursday and Sundays (Details attached separately)

It is proposed to build the brindavan of Sri Guru Raghavendra swami by constructing 16x16 of the structure with 12 stone pillars and to install 2 stone elephants in front of structure (Garbhagudi) at the cost of Rs. 48,00,000/- in addition to this it's also planned to construct a separate ashram building of two storeid 120x60 dimension. The first floor for the construct of religious and spiritual pravacranes and for the convenient stay of “Matadhipathies” visiting ashram and for the conduct of ashram poojas at the cost of
Rs. 1,80,00,000/-

The ashram has also planned many more bigger projects like.
1. Starting of Sanskrit school on “Old Age Home” average for conduct of mass “Upanayanam” stating of Job or Education centers, Vocational centers, Rehabilitation on and welfare centers for needy woman, Starting special school for specific and hearing and visually improved Children along with the other welfare schemes programs for physically and mentally challenged children, also this paining the way for them it lead in the right way of life and changing their pattern of life at the extent possible.

2 .To extend financial help at the poor and needy brilliant and merited students.

3. To extend medical facilities to the possible extent to the needy, poor and aged persons who have no support from any corner what so even.

The devotees who visit this ashram at best will undoubtedly experience the right of a “Unique Brindavana Sannidhana “ and several devotees have openly expressed this desire at visit the place very often to have a glimpse of Sri Guru we are pleased bring to the notice of the devotees many of the person who have made up this minds to visit this place from the disturb terms and critics’ have already experienced many things and this desires /aspiration are met by the grace of Sri Guru Raghavendra in a unexpected manner.

This huge task aimed by ashram and the projects planned ahead one of the high dimension and can be completed or taken up is phased manner only with the help, co operation good will and whole hearted support of all the devotees as such the ashram will be highly thankful and grateful to all the devotees and the general public who strength us by joining hands us any manner. (as inspired by god) and requests them to extend their moral and financial support and get abundant grace of Sri Guru Raghavendra our ancient scriptures say that having a Dharshan of sadaka itself is a grace and it is the devotees blessed.